All Over The Place

September 11, 2018

VR, Voice Overs, Project Management, Real Estate - I know it looks like I'm all over the place! 

Okay, I AM all over the place but why shouldn't I be? I have skills and at this stage I'm exploring all the options that interest me. The good news is that Project Management skills help me in all areas of my life whether it be personal or professional. Communicating successfully is key to success and when it comes to customers or clients, I'm very focused on what they're saying and what they...

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Virtual Reality Specialty offered by Goldsmiths, Univ of London, via

March 5, 2018

I finally completed the VR Specialty being offered by Goldsmiths, University of London via

The course is taught by Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan, Lecturer and Dr Marco Gillies, Senior Lecturer – both of the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths.

There are five courses in the specialty:

  1. Introduction to Virtual Reality
  2. 3D Models for Virtual Reality
  3. 3D Interaction Design in Virtual Reality
  4. Building Interactive 3D Characters and Social VR
  5. Making Your First Virtual Reality Game


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The VR PC is Born!

October 14, 2017

It has been too long since I built my last computer which was around 2000 and was done for Everquest because I just had to have that game! So much has changed! But it was a very fun project and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

In the photo (sorry but there are photo constraints wrt this blog) you can see

Top left: the main parts except the display is not shown and it's a nice 24" job.

Center left: the most impressive processor cooler mounted on the processor and the graphics card


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Working from Home vs Office

October 5, 2017

I just finished reading this article in The Atlantic about working from home. It's specifically a case study about IBM and the "results". 

I had many types of work experiences at IBM; I worked in an office with an office mate, I had an office all to myself, I was in an open landscape environment in cubicles and I worked from home.  Based on my experiences I can say there are good and bad aspects of both working in the office and working from home.

Working in an office includes some team...

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Building a PC Ready for VR

September 21, 2017

Two things happened that made me decide it was time for a new computer.  

I have a couple of laptops and a MAC.  The MAC is the machine I've made my Trackstories videos with but she's starting to age ... not ready for the trash yet but not my number one go to machine.  As for the laptops, one is a tiny, geeky thing and the other gets so hot when I use SecondLife and or SAM broadcaster that it actually caused the casing to break and now it won't close.  I know from past experience that...

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