VR, Voice Overs, Project Management, Real Estate - I know it looks like I'm all over the place! 

Okay, I AM all over the place but why shouldn't I be? I have skills and at this stage I'm exploring all the options that interest me. The good news is that Project Management skills help me in all areas of my life whether it be personal or professional. Communicating successfully is key to success and when it comes to customers or clients, I'm very focused on what they're saying and what they want. Scheduling, planning, and managing issues and risks are also skills that are tremendously valuable in every profession and life in general. 

One thing most all my interests have in common is technology. I felt I was a little too immersed in technology and a little too much of a hermit at home so I wanted to do something that gets me out of the house more and more involved with people and the community. Real Estate really meets that need plus I love the work. What can be better than helping someone sell their home or find their new home?

After a long day out and about looking at land or houses and working with people to help them achieve their desires I enjoy getting back home and working on VR stuff (Unity3D), podcasting, or playing games. 

Life is good. I'm all over the place and I'm totally fine with it!