Two things happened that made me decide it was time for a new computer.  

I have a couple of laptops and a MAC.  The MAC is the machine I've made my Trackstories videos with but she's starting to age ... not ready for the trash yet but not my number one go to machine.  As for the laptops, one is a tiny, geeky thing and the other gets so hot when I use SecondLife and or SAM broadcaster that it actually caused the casing to break and now it won't close.  I know from past experience that gaming on a laptop is hot business.

The second thing that happened was discovering and playing the game: >Observer_

When I finished the game (and I will be playing it again) I thought, "How incredible would it be to play a game like this via a VR rig?!"

You have to understand, I have been passionate about Virtual Reality games since the 90s.  I would go to Times Square to play the BattleMech game pod that was in that area. I'd go to the South Street Seaport to play the VR game that was in the mall there.  I tried to get IBM management to invest in VRML prototypes so we could sell them (and was told - who would actually care about what the inside of a stadium looks like), and I was a member of the VRML group that met monthly in NYC.  This isn't a new thing with me.

So I can't really afford to drop thousands on a new PC that is fully equipped and ready to go for VR.  Therefore, the best way forward is to build my own.  But I haven't built my own computer since about 1999 when I had to build one in order to play the newly released Everquest.  And even then I was hand-held thru it by a friend and co-worker. 

So I turned to a dear friend of mine who has a VR PC.  I asked him for his recommendations on components, etc.  Like a good project manager (which he isn't), he asked for my requirements and we have spent about a week now going through that. So I think I'm about ready.  

Nope, it isn't going to look like the bio-console that was in the movie, eXistenZ!

But the red case I've picked out is super sexy. 

Stay tuned!






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