It has been too long since I built my last computer which was around 2000 and was done for Everquest because I just had to have that game! So much has changed! But it was a very fun project and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

In the photo (sorry but there are photo constraints wrt this blog) you can see

Top left: the main parts except the display is not shown and it's a nice 24" job.

Center left: the most impressive processor cooler mounted on the processor and the graphics card

Top Right: the processor with cooler in the case

Bottom left: all assembled with the LEDs lit up on the fans,

Bottom right: and the aftermath mess!

All together, and with the help of a friend, it took about six hours.  I did forget a few parts that I required:

1. speakers (i now have some nice external speakers) because you just can't always use a headset!

2. cd / dvd drive because MS Windows came on a CD not a flash drive

3. a keyboard that does justice to the machine so of course I purchased a fancy backlit device that breathes.... seriously.

I could have invested much more but I wanted to keep the price reasonable and this cost less than a new, comparable, iMac.  This one is easily maintained and scale-able.

I'd rather have used Linux instead of Windows but most of the VR stuff I want to do runs on Windows.  I'll sort out the Linux soon, maybe use my old Mac for it....

It was the ultimate puzzle and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I'd recommend everyone build their own, if I can, you can!